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swarched the state capital. union supporters are rallying around the capital building itself in lansing as gop lawmakers from both state houses vote on a bill that would significantly weaken union rights in a state considered one of the cradles of the labor movement. the law prohibits workers from being required to pay union dues as a condition of employment. republican governor schneider saying that he'll sign that bill right away making michigan the 24th state with the right to work. >>> yesterday president obama joined the chorus of voices condemning this move. >> by the way, what we shouldn't do, i just got to say this, what we shouldn't be doing is taking away your right to bargain for better wages. giving you the right to work for less money. >> nbc is live from lansing, michigan, and from detroit i'm joined by michigan democratic congressman gary peters. ron, i'm going to start with you. describe the scene for us there and what's at stake. >> reporter: good day to you. it just started snowing within the past few minutes. these folks are braving very cold temperatures here but the
to work is wrong! >>> our other story developing in michigan today, where labor unions are considering a large scale counter offensive. the home of the uaw is now the first blue right to work state after a pair of bills were signed into law by governor rick snyder who appeared on msnbc's "morning joe" today. >> i believe this is pro-worker. because the way i view it is workers now have freedom to choose. this does not deal with organizing at all. this does not deal with collective bargaining at all. this has nothing to do with the relationship between an employer and a union. this is about the relationship between unions and workers. >> let's dig in right now. >> good ideas get debated and bad ones get rammed through with police protection in a lame duck legislature. but i will say this, mr. speaker. this fight is not over. >> we are going to get to michigan in a moment. first we want to bring in today's political power panel and dig in on the big topics of the day. msnbc contributor joy ann reid, also managing editor for the grio. msnbc contributor ari melber, correspondent for the na
with civil unions and just went through my own process along with close friends of mine, one of whom has been in a 30-year relationship. is married. a friend of mine who has been a friend for more than 14 years. and the resolution really giev me the opportunity to focus on the issue and think about it. and there is a difference that is meaningful between civil unions and marriage. and that's why i made the decision that i did. but i'm not new to supporting lbgt rights and interest. >> city council alex vaughan sent me a personal statement. he is the city councilman who passed the resolution. he said, both the city council and mayor take a bold statement on this issue. as an african-american man and a political leader with a bright future in the democratic party, sir, can you explain how you were able to evolve on this issue, and how you think your evolvement will help a state like georgia? >> well, i think it's listening to the people that i know and care about. that's how a genuine change occurs. i happen to have a friend of mine, a woman named lee schrader who i have known since practicing
when he announced last week he'd sign a bill requiring workers to financially support unions. it could happen tomorrow. moments ago you and your michigan colleagues gave a news conference on this. are you concerned this is going to turn into another messy situation similar to what we saw play out in wisconsin last year? >> here's what i'm concerned about with right to work. is that, number one, it'll end up cutting wages and benefits for middle-income workers who really need the money right now. they're still struggling with under water mortgages, with their kids facing all the student loan debt that i've been fighting to reduce, and also our middle-income families, when they have enough money to take care of themselves, spending that money actually stimulates the economy. so right to work is wrong. everyone who benefits from union representation should at least pay their fair share for that. >> sir, thanks so much. democratic congressman from michigan, hansen clarke. >>> i want to pass long again, watch live coverage of the president's remarks in detroit later today. the president exp
liberties union. chris, good afternoon to you. first of all, let me get your response to that new study commissioned by california senator dianne feinstein. >> well, it confirms what we have known for a long time, which is that there is enough space, there is enough facilities in the united states to bring people from guantanamo here to be tried before regular federal criminal courts, courts that have had over 400 convictions of people tried and convicted for terrorism-related offenses. big-time -- big-time terrorism defendants who are convicted and are serving serious times. those people can be held securely here after trial, if they're convicted. and there is plenty of room for them in the federal criminal system. and that gao study confirmed that. >> is the opposition to this point, is the opposition primarily because such a move would be unprecedented? >> well, i think this whole opposition seems to have gotten out of control. i think senator rand paul did a very -- a republican, a tea party republican did a very good job of responding to that crazy bastards comment. because what he
. president obama will have a pretty strong bully pulpit, his state of the union address, inauguration address and two huge platforms to make the case to the american people once again, but you also have the debt ceiling hanging out there, so that would give republicans some leverage heading into the new year. this would be a bargaining chip for them, so there certainly would be some new dynamics, but as you point out leadership would be the same. will we see some radical changes? probably not, but those are going to be some of the dynamics heading into the new year. melissa? >> any inkling on speaker boehner's future in the next congress consideration over the past week he's certainly been getting criticism from members of his own party? >> how do you place plan "a" when you can't pass plan "b" and if speaker baber were to bring something to the floor something that's a big deal, something he thought he and the president were really close on, he went back to the conference to realize he didn't get that passed, if he decides to cut a big deal with the president, that's where we could potential
.6%. the three national unions have that come out with an ad campaign are targeting two senators. you are one of them. as well as two republican congressman as well. they are saying don't touch social security or medicare or other entitlements. would you be open to touching them in a deal? >> interest groups have every right to advocate but we've seen the lack of power that some of the negative attacks that were spent against a lot of candidates. i think medicare is a great program. it needs to be protected. but anyone that denies the math around these programs is just disconnected to reality. the fact is, when i was a kid, there were 16 people working for every one person on social security. today there are three. that is a benefit because that is a success of the program because people are living longer. but it does mean the math in terms of the amount people pay in versus what is coming out doesn't match up anymore. and we do need to reform social security separate from the deficit discussion. so security trust fund doesn't have anything to do with the debt and deficit. but the idea that w
for a lot of unions, a lot of progressive groups who are really trying to push the democrats to hold their ground on this. however, the administration has signaled they could be open to some kinds of changes, potentially the kind of stuff that mitch mcconnell is talking about. i think what we're seeing is that the president's negotiating strategy sort of starting to have an effect. democrats saying we're not going to budge until we get specifics from you and the republicans starting to cough up a few of those specifics now. >> lynn, polls, of course, show public opinion. with the democrats on this one, when it comes to raising the medicare age, for example, a recent "washington post" poll found that more than two-thirds of folks in this country are opposed to that idea. beyond the bluster, both sides acknowledge that changes to entitlements will have to be part of any deal. how are they going to get the public to swallow the medicine, if you will? >> well, i think the answer will be, first of all, give the public their tax breaks, give them that. that's the big message of the democra
't have the right to overtime pay, to form a union. tare' terribly abused. tonight we're giving the rfk ripple of hope award to vincent may, a great human rights activist and taylor swift. it's going to be a great evening. you're going to be joining us. >> yes. >> and we're also so grateful to you because we have our rfk on-line auction that people can go and if you care about issues like frank's, you can come on to the auction and support his work and support all of our work. and come on this show and meet you and go on "morning joe" and go -- if you watch the other channel, you can meet bill o'reilly. >> the other channel. >> another one of those channels. >> another one of those channels. there are great items that people have donated to the auction site. carrie and frank, thanks so much. we'll show you, we have been able to put up an item to come to the set to visit us. they can check it on your auction set. your nephew got married? >> my neef few got married on saturday. joe kennedy, future congressman. starts in january. very excited. >> that's a lot going on. he's got the fact th
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in constant touch, this is our union that represents the teachers and the custodians and the school secretaries. so we've been in constant touch for the last 24 hours. and everyone is still in a state of shock. so what you are hearing, though, is just about a total selflessness. and i'm sure that these, that teachers and their families would not want to be called heroic. it feels so minimizing. what they did, though, is that in the wake of unspeakable terror, they kept their kids safe and they lunged at the gunman, as the principal did, and one teacher put her kids -- hid her kids in the bathroom so she would be the only one there when the shooter came in. this level of unbelievable heroism is just something that we should, in our morning, we should honor, but what teachers are trained to do, both in terms of their heart and their head, is that when kids are not safe, they do everything in their power to keep them safe and keep them calm. one teacher was reading to the kids to try to keep them calm. i have heard stories similar to this in lots of different -- terrible crisis situati
approved a ballot initiative in november, but the state by state legislation of same-sex unions may soon be turned upside down by the supreme court, which recently took up two cases that could have a profound effect on how the federal government recognizes those marriages. joining me now is alta, president of the american academy of matrimonial lawyers. marriage equality is a reality now for americans in nine states. also in the district of columbia. however, the other reality is 31 states have amended their constitutions to prohibit same-sex marriage, and over the summer it was north carolina becoming the most recent example of that. so what are the legal implications of having different states with different laws and how likely is it that the supreme court is going to make a broad ruling on the two federal cases that it will consider? >> okay. i think it's -- first of all, thank you for having me here. i think it's fairly likely that the supreme court will rule because there is huge impact on gay couples because of the federal defense of marriage act that was enacted in 1996. the defen
-- the union is over. nbc's rick davis has more tonight from london. rick? >> katie, the last time a prime minister spoke publicly of the troubled lives of the royal family was in 1936. stanley baldwin announced the abdication of edward the viii, today it was about the end of a love affair. it was the stuff of fairy tales. the engagement of a shy young woman to a prince and future king. it was the wedding the world watched. princess was hailed as the jewel in the crown. but, there were rumors of trouble even as they posed as the happy family. and this year, many published reports that both had other close relationships. so today's words in parliament were not a surprise. >> it is announced from buckingham palace that with regret, the prince and princess of wales have decided to separate. their royal highnesss have no plans to divorce and their constitutional positions are unaffected. >> diana's oldest son, william, has been in the headlines a lot recently since getting married now as an expectant father. prince william attended a gala fundraiser last night without his wife, kate, who is st
here as an ex-governor of the second largest nra membership state in the union, pennsylvania. three times i ran for statewide office. i won by 10 points, 12 points and 21 points, and the nra opposed me each and every time. they are a paper tiger, and it's time for men and women in congress to have the guts to stand up for our kids and for our people. >> so you think michael bloomberg, mayor bloomberg was right this morning, when he said that the organization's power has been overstated dramatically. >> well, i wouldn't be here. this is the second largest nra state in the union, pennsylvania, and i won statewide three times by virtual landslides. the nra was dead set against me because of the work i had done as mayor on gun control, and i won three times overwhelmingly. >> i want to talk about the other part of this thing, and that being -- again, not to speculate and not to -- not to introduce facts that aren't necessarily in evidence, but it appears as if, based on all the information that we have, the shooter was troubled mentally. how do we keep guns out of hands of folks like th
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)